Blaze MediaConvert provides a fast, easy-to-use, and very configurable method for converting WMA files to WAV or MP3.

  1. In the main window, click Audio > WMA to WAV/MP3.
  2. Click the Add Files to List button or select Edit > Add. If you want to convert the files in a certain order, you can arrange the files in the list by selecting the files you want to move and using the Move Up and Move Down commands on the Edit menu.
  3. Select the WMA files you want to convert to WAV or MP3 format. You can select more than one file by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking the files or pressing the Shift key and using the arrows to select a range of files. If you want to remove files from the list select the files you want to remove, select Remove from the Edit menu or click the Remove Files button.
  4. Select the Conversion Frequency (kHz).
  5. Select the Channels.
  6. Select the Bits Per Sample.
  7. Select the Format. If you select the MP3 format, you must select the MP3 Bitrate.
  8. Click the Convert button or select File > Convert.